For over 37 years, the UNITe Group has been developing, constructing and operating local, sustainable power plants: hydroelectric plants, wind farms and photovoltaic systems. Together with its GREEN-ACCESS subsidiary, the group also occupies a leading position in the sale of Guarantees of Origin. UNITe is an independent, agile, financially sound SME with regional roots and recognised expertise in the renewable energy sector.

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Our belief

It is possible to reconcile energy requirements with respect for the environment

The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (of which 70% are the result of our consumption of fossil fuels), in order to slow down climate change, is a global imperative.
At the same time, the growth in the world’s population and the economic development of emerging countries will inevitably lead to an increase in energy requirements, in spite of the energy conservation efforts by the most energy-intensive countries.
The challenge facing the world is therefore twofold: provide access to energy for all while fighting global warming.

Our mission:

To unify energy requirements with respect for the environment, UNITe is dedicated to producing & promoting local & sustainable electricity.

Our market

With this in mind, the development of renewable energies has been impressive over the last 10 years and this is only the beginning. The International Energy Agency states that “by 2025, 90% of the new electricity production capacities worldwide will involve renewable energies, meaning that, by 2025, renewable energies should be the main source of electricity production globally, ahead of coal”. In conjunction with hydropower and wind power, photovoltaics will undoubtedly play a major role since the continued cost savings mean that it should be the most competitive option in many areas.

In France, the ambition to develop RENs is reflected in the so-called MEP (Multiannual Energy Plan) framework law which sets out France’s energy path for the next 10 years. In particular, this legislation provides for increasing the share of renewable energies to 33% in 2030, a goal which will require doubling the installed capacities between now and then.

As regards the 3 energies that UNITe works with, the main figures in the MEP for the 2023 and 2028 stages are as follows:

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Situation en septembre 2020

Objectifs 2028

Rythme prévu pour les appels d’offres





Éolien terrestre












Our strengths

With this in mind, the UNITe Group is committed to a new development dynamic, both in France and internationally. In a renewable energies market that has become highly competitive, and which will continue to scale up in the years to come, UNITe has numerous strengths to enable it to continue its growth in the long term:

  • 37 years’ experience working in renewable energies
  • Expertise in 3 renewable electricity sources (hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics)
  • Know-how throughout the value chain: development, funding, construction, operation, maintenance and energy recovery
  • Development know-how with more than 1GW of projects in the portfolio
  • Links to local communities thanks to people and power plants established in more than 50 municipalities in France
  • The agility of a dynamic SME, of a human scale
  • The beliefs and values of teams involved in an activity with meaning
  • A privileged energy offer possible with Energie d’ICI
  • Robust and consistent shareholders, including OMNES CAPITALBPI-France and Société Générale.
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Our values

UNITe drives its growth with processes and values that are focused on the long term.


Agility is needed to keep up with a rapidly changing market and technologies. This is the key to remaining competitive against large groups. Agility also enables us to adapt to the expectations of local stakeholders for successful projects with regional roots.


Our technical, environmental, economical and human choices are based on our desire to reconcile the company’s economic sustainability with the sustainability of the environment in which it acts.


Proximity is the basis of our local integration, to produce local electricity with, and for, the people of a region. Proximity is also the key to the efficient operation of our plants.


Reliability of machines and quality processes to ensure the production of safe and competitive electricity. Reliability of people in the trust granted, whose constant concern is fulfilling their commitments, for long-lasting partnerships.

37 years’


Expertise in 3

renewable energies


passionate employees

Established in over 50


+ 120 MW


350 GWh

of electricity produced per year


business areas throughout the value chain

+1,5 GW

projet in development

Our business areas


UNITe identifies sites suitable for hydropower, photovoltaic or wind power facilities, and oversees the entire process, from development through to commissioning and operation of the facilities.


UNITe has a wealth of experience and considerable assets when it comes to funding projects. UNITe also knows how to devise funding solutions that actually involve the local communities and people. UNITe has a wealth of experience and considerable assets when it comes to funding projects. UNITe also knows how to devise funding solutions that actually involve the local communities and people.


Renovation and construction work on new power plants is carried out under UNITe’s supervision by local companies with whom we cultivate close relationships, with due regard for the identified environmental concerns.


The Hydrowatt maintenance and operation service provides all the necessary expertise: electromechanics, automation and hydraulics, etc. An organisation with regional branch offices, a 24/7 on-call system, the deployment of remote surveillance and remote management solutions ensuring continuous monitoring of each power plant, and responsiveness in terms of operating and maintenance activities. Working on the principle of prevention, the latter uses the latest predictive diagnostics technologies (infrared thermography, vibration monitoring, etc.). Find out more with link to operation page


Green-Access is a subsidiary of the UNITe Group in charge of increasing production from the group’s power plants. Founded in 2005, the company is a market leader in the Guarantees of Origin market.

Our power generation plants

The UNITe Group operates almost 70 local and sustainable electricity production sites, including a dozen entrusted to UNITe by third parties.

The current park consists of:


hydroelectric plants


wind farms


photovoltaic power plants

Our financial shareholders:

The UNITe Group has sound financial shareholders: